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Check out this place if you need a great daycare for your kids. I highly recommend it.

Teresa Hardy Ashcraft

Choosing Bright Beginnings Learning Center for your children will be one of the most rewarding choices you will have made for them. All of the staff work as a team to make everyday a valuable experience for the kids and the parents.

Jane Henry Hunter

Beginnings Learning Center is a wonderful place for you to choose to take your children. My son has been going there since 2006 and I have never had a reason to think about taking him else where. I researched a lot of child care places before deciding this was the best one for my child. The staff there is wonderful with all the children. You know its a great place when your children love being there. For my son this place is a home away from home. All the staff members there treat your children as if they were their own. When my so started kindergarden he was so ahead of the game. He knew how to do everything they were doing in kindergarden already. He is now in third grade and is still making the principles list & AB honor roll. He still goes to BBLC but is in the aftercare program. Their aftercare program is the best. Mrs. Kim is the teacher for the aftercare program and she does a great job at it. She always makes sure that my sons and all the other children have their homework done and she double checks it and helps them with things they don’t know or understand. I couldn’t recommend any other place for you to take you child. I know it is hard to leave your child in another persons care but once you meet the staff there you wont think twice. Everybody there is great.

Jeannette Crawford-BoboBright

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Bright Beginnings Learning Center